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6th Annual Northern Liberties ZOMBIE CRAWL!

6th Annual Northern Liberties ZOMBIE CRAWL!

Rob Wright

September 12th, 2017


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Just when you thought your brains were safe…

The scientist at PARTYPLANT made a deadly error…AGAIN…for the SIXTH TIME…

During their employee appreciation plant party the shot girl served the wrong test tube! Instead of a sugary alcoholic mixture she served up a cocktail…of DEATH!

Nard McNardly & Dirth Magert – Machine operators at the Plant – friends since birth. Nard ingested the Z-virus and then ATE Dirth’s FACE! Instead of dying, Dirth became…UNDEAD!

The bloodthirsty-brain-crazed-super-killers devoured the flesh and guts of everyone at the party converting them into SUPER-MUTATED-ULTRA-ROCK-ZOMBIES fueled by booze, music, and BRAAAAIIIINNNSSSS!!!!

This deadly virus has been spreading throughout the city at an alarming rate, and is expected to reach the The Schmidt’s Commons by FRIDAY THE 13TH at 8pm!

Zombie Crawl 2017 Northern Liberties

The Gory Details:

Access to The Schmidt’s Common Halloween Fest/Bazaar

(artistic vendors, dancers, burlesque, drag, fire performers, sideshow acts, music, etc.)
Exclusive (Zombies ONLY) Drink specials at 5+ bars

Zombification stations (free makeup)

Professional makeup by Sonja Century (small fee, unless you’re an “Early DEAD” ticket holder)

Professional photography throughout the crawl

Secret “After Party” location with LIVE CORPSE-ROCKING MUSIC

Zombie SWAG & Giveaways

Buy tickets for 6th Annual | Northern Liberties ZOMBIE CRAWL!

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